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Are you planning to get pregnant ?

Are you planning to get pregnant ?

Pregnancy is a marvellous time, a physiological condition where you are going to have the most beautiful experience of a lifetime.

The journey you are going to embark upon should be as enjoyable for you as the little miracle growing inside you. So here’s a little checklist which will help you reduce any risks and pregnancy goes well without any major problems.


Things to Know

  1. See your doctor to discuss if you have any long-standing medical condition or you are taking any regular medication for diabetes, hypertenson, hypothyroidism, epilepsy, depression, etc.
  2. Even if everything is fine, you should visit to check your cervical smear is up to date,take a blood test to see if you are immune to Rubella.Your doctor will advise you if you need any other test for screening infections.
  3. If you have diabetes or on any medication for epilepsy,see the doctor sooner than later. Continue your contraception, till the disease is well controlled ??
  4. Discuss with your doctor any family history of genetic disorders in your or your partner’s family
  5. If you are overweight or obese, try to lose some weight before becoming pregnant.Obese women are more likely to have complication in pregnancy such as-
    • Diabetes in pregnancy
    • High blood pressure in pregnancy
    • Blood clots(thrombo-embolism) in pregnancy
    • Needing a caesarean section
    • Premature deliveries
  6. Being underweight is also associated with problems in becoming pregnant and complications in pregnancy.Ideal body mass index(BMI) is 18-5-24.9 for preparation of pregnancy.
  7. Things you should stop or cut down on
    • Alcohol
    • Smoking – you are strongly advised to stop completely
    • Illicit drugs- you are strongly advised to stop completely
  8. Other things to consider :
    • Immunization with Hepatitis B if you are at increased risk of getting this infection
    • Is your work environment safe ?
    • Screening tests for Sickle cell disease & Thalassemia
  9. Exercise : You can continue doing moderate amount of exercise. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, please start exercising.

Hope you benefit from the education and feel free to contact us at Medfemme Women’s Clinic. We have a calm and comfortable environment to discuss each and every detail & allay all your anxieties.